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An inspiring daily program designed to awaken the best in yourself and to guide you into finding your inner self-love.



A Guided Journal

Journaling is a journey and a process that takes time. It's a practice to explore and to try to understand.

Let me help your through this process with this GUIDED INSPIRATIONAL JOURNAL.


HUGS  -This 42 page hard cover book was inspired by the need for finding true inner love for yourself. Let me help guide you through the process of finding balance, pleasure, and joy, along with courage and strength that will help design your life.

Product Category: Printed Book

A Guided Journal Book

Sometimes a blank page can be intimidating, and you just do not know where to start. Author and Designer Gayle Vanasse wrote this hard cover inspirational guided journal book to help jump start your creative process. This guided journal book is full of inspirational pictures and guided words, so you can reflect on your journey as you go through your days. 

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